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My name is Cosmin and in 2014 I decided to go back into the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG scene, mainly as a collector, after more than 10 years. It was mostly because of the nostalgia caused by remembering this great game of my childhood, but I was also looking for a hobby.

However, as a collector I was quite frustrated that I couldn't find any well-built application or service to manage the cards I was getting my hands on (I am not saying there are none, I'm saying that I did not find any of the current options acceptable. You can read this reddit post to see my thoughts).

Thus, as a personal project, I started working on this application. It grabs data from 2 sources (mentioned below) and allows its users to mark which (and how many) cards they have or want, mainly. It also displays a lot of information about the cards and their printed version in a more sane and user-friendly way (I hope).

I would like to thank Yu-Gi-Oh! Prices for making available their public API, which helps me provide card sets and pricing data for the cards.

I would also like to thank the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia for their comprehensive card information database and for allowing me to crawl and display said card data in this application.

If you enjoy using this application, consider making a donation to buy me a beer and/or help with the server costs :).





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